Drive Systems

Our strength is to provide custom cut drive systems for industrial applications and electro mobility. For instance we can offer a series of in house engineered EC drive systems with the highest efficiency. The simple implementation of application and customer specific functionalities generates highest benefits for our customers.  



Integrated drive system motor and inverter or delivered separately

Power Range

60 W up to 150 kW

Speed Range

Up to 40 000 RPM

Voltage Range

12 up to 450 VDC 
90 up to 250 VAC 
3 x 400 VAC

Frame Size


Cooling Types

Air cooled, medium cooled



Tooling appliances, fans, pumps, vacuum pumps, textile machines, printing apparatuses, lifting and handling devices, conveyer belts and within mobile applications, axillary and traction drives such as automotive electric bikes and electric fun cars for instance.  

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