We deliver customer specific inverters from prototypes up to series production. With an annual volume of 20 000 pieces we can provide high productivity on a high quality level. Our inverters are used in different applications, including electro mobility as a very important business division.



Permanent magnets, synchronous motors, separately excited synchronous motors, asynchronous motors, reluctance motors, SR motors

Power Range

60 W up to 150 KW

Speed Range

Up to 1500 Hz (up to 90 000 RPM)

Voltage Range 

12 up to 450 VDC

90 up to 250 VDC

3x 400 VAC

Frame Size


Cooling Types

Air cooled, medium cooled

Tooling appliances, fans, pumps, vacuum pumps, textile machines, printing apparatuses, lifting and handling devices, conveyer belts and within mobile applications, axillary and traction drives such as automotive electric bikes and electric fun cars for instance.  

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