Business Activities

Business Activities

We offer you a wide range of services and take care of your individual concerns.

Product and Technology Consulting

THIEN eDrives has a long time experience within development and production of mechatronic drive systems. We provide consulting for motors, invertors and complete drive systems.
Our technical sales team focuses on supporting our customers in finding the right solution for all specific requirements. Our know how helps you to transform your ideas into reality. For instance specifications, torque speed curves, load cycles, dimensions, weight, cooling systems, supply voltage, etc. We are able to come up with a rough design within a couple of days.
Software-Simulation mit Motor-Modell


In state of the art development process simulations are very important to save development time and prototype costs. Our experts use a large variety of simulation tools.
Electric Motors
Our standard tools include FEM, CFD as well as analytical calculating software for induction motors, synchron and permanent magnet motors. This software is developed in house and represents more than 20 years of approved simulation expertise.
Electronics Hardware
In the hardware development different tools are used for thermal simulation, circuit simulation or EMC simulation.
Electronics Software
For software development we use Matlab / Simulink. The simulation of the overall system directly generates the code for the used DSP (digital signal processor). We tie into the overall concept of virtual models, and take into consideration aspects of manufacturability, quality and cost. Initial calculations and simulations are supplied for you within the shortest time.
Konstruktion Lüfter


Our development process ensures that all requirements of our customers are met. Considering all inputs, our engineers choose the most suitable technologies. Those technologies and requirements are the basis to start the design of the mechanical and electrical components. In each design we find the optimum combination of functionality, costs, simplicity and matters of industrialization and assembling.

Unser technisches Verkaufsteam unterstützt unsere Kunden auch in der Entscheidungsfindung und hilft bei der Erarbeitung der Applikationsanforderungen bzw. bei der Erstellung des Lastenheftes – wie z.B. Drehmoment- Drehzahlkennlinie mit Lastzyklus, Bauraum, Gewicht, Kühlung und Versorgungsspannung. Eine erste grobe Dimensionierung kann innerhalb von wenigen Tagen erarbeitet werden.

Wassergekühltes Motorgehäuse


We value your time therefore we optimized our tools and equipment in order to meet the shortest possible production time acknowledging all quality aspects.

For instance special lamination stocks are manufactured by laser-cutting technology, enhanced housings are milled in house with our CNC machining centers and special components are purchased at our long-term partners. Productivity part approval process is available on demand

Dabei gehen wir bei der Qualität keine Kompromisse ein: Sonderblechschnitte stellen wir mit Lasertechnik her, komplexe Gehäuseteile werden bei THIEN eDrives gefertigt, Antriebskomponenten werden nur von langjährigen Partnern bezogen. Selbstverständlich beinhaltet die Lieferung der Prototypen einen Erstmuster- prüfbericht.

Koordinatenmessung am Prototyp

Testing and Certifying

With our test bench and test equipment we provide a variety of test and design verification programs according to regulations and customers demands.

Starting with EOL Test for asynchronous motors we also develop customer specific – long time EOL tests or plan and carry out design verifications for automotive products.

Our modular test benches can be equipped with an assortment of tools eg. brakes and power function meter. Special evaluations can be done with our certified long-term partners.

Umlaufverpackung für Leiterplatten


THIEN eDrives focuses on small and medium volume products. We can easily customize your needs in product design and process design.

From the very beginning of our product design we consider the requirements for the product industrialization and serial production. Our procurement processes rely on professional external and internal logistic concepts as well as established supplier networks. During the industrialization process we also design and build the necessary auxiliary tools and test equipment.

Statorpakete mit konzentrierter Wicklung

Serial Production

THIEN eDrives delivers serial products in an annual quantity of 100 up to 30 000 pieces. The product range begins with simple starter/rotor sets up to highly integrated drive systems.

We provide individual EOL-tests beginning with basic standards according to the legislation up to highly sophisticated test cycles depending on customer requirements. Our permanently optimized supply chain and processes (according to ISO TS16949) guarantees the highest quality and productivity.