In state of the art development process simulations are very important to save development time and prototype costs. Our experts use a large variety of simulation tools.  

Software-Simulation of a motor model
Software simulation of a motor model

Electric Motors:

Our standard tools include FEM, CFD as well as analytical calculating software for induction motors, synchron and permanent magnet motors. This software is developed in house and represents more than 20 years of approved simulation expertise. 


Electronics Hardware:

In the hardware development different tools are used for thermal simulation, circuit simulation or EMC simulation.


Electronics Software:

For software development we use Matlab / Simulink. The simulation of the overall system directly generates the code for the used DSP (digital signal processor).


We tie into the overall concept of virtual models, and take into consideration aspects of manufacturability, quality and cost. Initial calculations and simulations are supplied for you within the shortest time.

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